Q: How long before I can walk on my carpet? How long does it take to dry?

A: We recommend you stay off them for about an hour or so. There can be transfer while the carpet is still wet. Upholstery can take about 3 – 4 hours to dry

Q: Do you move furniture?

A:  We can move small pieces of furniture, and move most lounge chairs from side to side. We don’t move large, fragile or breakable furniture.

Q: Will your cleaning solution cause any allergy issues for my kids & pets?

A: No, our general cleaner “The Natural” is Green Certified & considered Safe & Non Toxic for family & pets.

Q: What do you mean when you say; Chem-Dry cleaned carpet stays cleaner longer?

A: We use no soaps or detergents, which are dirt attracting residues & cause your carpet to become dirty quicker.

Q: Can you remove pet stains and urine odour?

A:  In most cases yes, we use a product called PURT (pet urine removal treatment). It breaks down the crystals in the urine to remove the odour.

Q: Do you clean rugs, upholstery, etc at your premises?

A: No, we are a mobile service and do all work at the customer’s premises.

QI live on the top floor of a high rise apartment building; can you clean my carpet and upholstery?

A: Yes, all our equipment is portable, so we can get almost anywhere.

Q: Are you available on the weekends?

A: In most cases we can be. If you need your carpet cleaned on the weekend it is best to arrange a time in advance. (We are not always available on weekends)

Q: Who should I contact if I want to cancel my booking?

A: It’s important to make a note of which Chem-Dry you made the booking with, (we are all independently owned and operated) call the number you made the booking with to cancel.

Q: Apart from cleaning carpet & upholstery what other services to you offer?

A: We also offer leather & mattress cleaning, anti bacterial treatment, dust mite & anti allergen treatment, carpet & upholstery protection, stain removal treatments and flexible hours.